Drinks again become personal

April 20 channels launched an advertising campaign called "Mix of Life" in support of the brand Frustyle (producer of "Lebedyansky"). Frustyle - this juice drinks for the young, modern and active boys and girls. The range of refreshing drinks Frustyle differs original taste and flavor combinations: cactus-lime, strawberry-banana, mango, papaya, blackcurrant - mint and sparkling raspberry)

Strategy and creative concept of the campaign developed by agency BBDO Moscow.

How to tell the agency website, the campaign is based on the idea that combine unusual flavors as natural as having a variety of interests. Says Art Director BBDO Moscow Artem Altman: "Our message is the following: if your life is an unusual mix of the most diverse and sometimes incongruous interests, things, people and events that Frustyle just for you! After Frustyle - a natural fruit drink that is based on the unusual fruit-berry mixes. We have assembled a heroine roller among users of social networks that describe your page in their interests and hobbies. ยป

Download video clip or view a list of the creative team.

In addition to television advertising support Frustyle will be carried out at points of sale with the help of unusual, vivid and memorable promotional materials. 1 in stock! 83 Comments
  • 28 April 2009
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