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Heineken, waited befitting a pause and a few advertising parodies, launched a sequel to his brilliant clip «Walk-In Fridge». Now beer brand created not "refrigerator, which can be accessed» (Walk-In fridge), and "walked refrigerator" - a new movie called «Walking Fridge». The plot is based on the movie "Lost in Translation" and what can come of it.

The young man was planning to surprise friends room fridge as in advertising Heineken, which he saw on TV, but the master repairman saw his own way.

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The video is designed for those who are already familiar with the first spot. His predecessor, «Walk-In Fridge», was the similarity of the two sexes and their response to the most-favorite in the larger sizes.

Walk-In Fridge

Advertising has become so popular in the network, which it made several parodies. One of the most visible - another point of view from Bavaria.

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