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Three simple rules of communication that are changing the user-lyudey.ZhZh 2k, also known as the "Two Captains", wrote an excellent post about what we need to talk to good people. Editions Website , this idea seems very cool and correct. It is foolish to be shy and does not tell people that they are wonderful.

And let's tell each other what we are cool and stunning.

I want to tell you about a discovery that I made.

is very simple opening , really.

the universe is telling me the same thing many times, but I did not hear it persistently. As for the discovery of how the person communicates with the world. with other people. with himself.

I realize that sounds today like animated corpse Alain Carr, but understand me - blind old man suddenly discovered that the goggles all the time were on his forehead, retarded child from a joke to see the sea.

and it is beautiful. blind old man takes time to cope with the coverage of its delight, he needed to catch his breath.

In practice, this means the following. there are a certain number of people who care about your opinion of them. not vital, but not indifferent.

if you want to greatly simplify your emotional life, you need to stick to three simple rules to communicate with these people.

talking teen people that they are awesome. to talk to those who do shit, they do shit. not to be confused with the latter.
this clearing much ruined Dale Carnegie who propagated the very right thing, absolutely wrong explaining their need. in fact, all of his books are promoted and perceived as detailed instructions on how to simulate orgasm, communicative, and the fact that some people, this is also an orgasm is, generally speaking, are not bulging.

and it is easily achievable if openly and to tell people what they are stunning. and do not need to wrap this already delicious message additional wrappers of quotations and meanings. tell it like it is. People will understand and forgive your plainness.

One more thing.

temptation - at least initially - to reduce the emotional intensity of the message, do not call a man To get some smart, and, say, a rather clever and build a semantic structure, which can be interpreted in such a way and commercials.

say, I love you, can, and praised, but maybe not.

this error make billions.

I'll do just that.

all this does not work or work very badly. because people do not like mixed signals
it's like you have come to the restaurant for a steak and you on a plate with the words "Che, too, the meat" dumped canned meat production Lipetsk slaughterhouse.

you can not do it this way. If you want to praise the man go to the end. We are responsible for those who are praised.

and do not be afraid. do not be afraid to seem unwise - and so you will likely, unfortunately. do not be afraid to open up - telling people what you really think of them, you are, of course, formally substitutes, but if you think about it, does the sudden advantage of the other person can not take advantage of, and would not.

Do not be afraid of being rejected, because fucking is not about reciprocity. so when your friend, and you - no, it's okay, not everyone can be cool. You cool for someone else, just that the other is silent.

take this position once, probably, prevents swollen in the city of the human ego. It is trying to look better than it is. it tries to look smarter than it is. it builds a fence around itself from the words that God forbid, no one got to him and did not see what it trembling and miserable.

your ego - it's not you. you - awesome and brave and well tolerated by the cold. tell yourself about it. you - more than the ego, which, as we have taught the Indians, do not exist. but it is convenient to assume that it is still there, but benefit from it in the context of both the speck in the eye.

tell it to the people in those moments when you see it or you have a good mood.

at this point the inquisitive reader probably ask why all this.

by and large, nizachem. but imagine that you go with an endless loaf of bread in his hand, and you meet a man with hungry eyes. there is no question why. there is the question why. because you have a lot of bread, and the person may be hungry.

because it's awesome to talk teen people that they awesome, that's why.
because they almost nobody talks about it.

because many people do not even know about it.

the whole world is feeding children in Somalia, and about dying from emotional hunger of people are forgotten.

pursuant to this rule will not do you any good, but will bring joy.

that's why.

Now a few words about how it all works. work is very interesting. many do not believe. many are looking for the catch. many are beginning to wonder what you need from them. Just ask the bravest.

sarcasm detector vereschit in nine cases out of ten. Nobody believes you.

but If you do not give up and continue to tell people the truth, there will be amazing.

they start to say it to each other.

gently at first, and as a joke, and then more and more earnestly, almost seriously.

it's like a big explosion.

It's like summer in a clean night go by car from the city and go up until its lights are off, and then stop and go on the road, throw your head up - and see what the sky thousands of millions of stars, the existence of which you have forgotten.

that's why.

and now that I know it, I think I always knew it, but forgot. Praise to the Man, if you have something. Let him know how you feel about him. turn on his light, it is dark.

do not expect reciprocity and gratitude, you're not here for that.

Wait just a little let down and head up.

that's why.

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