The most expensive photograph in the world

Andreas Gursky - German photographer from Leipzig. Most of all he likes to take large-scale panoramic photos from these perspectives that are usually out of reach. And it turns out he perfectly. In 2011, Christie's auction of his picture "Rhine IIĀ» was sold for a record 4, 3 million dollars, becoming at that time the most expensive photograph in the history of auctions.

Website struck by the grandeur and epic of these works, and invites you to enjoy the best of them.

Cathedral I, 2007 god

Pyongyang, in 2007 god

Tour de France 2007 god

Kamiokande 2007 god

99 cents 2001 god

Rhein II, 1999 god

Chicago Mercantile Exchange, 1999 god

Bahrain, 2005 94,270,304

Nha Trang 2004 god

Dubai 2008 33,917,189

Kuwait Stock Exchange 2000 god

Greeley 2003 god

Dortmund 2009 god

Montparnasse, Paris, 1993 god

James Bond Island, 2007 god

Madonna 2001 god

Photo source: andreas_gursky



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