This is a good story that I read in the last six months

Christmas Eve , going through my mother's old letters, I remembered a story that she told me from time to time telling.

I was my mother's only son. She later married, and the doctors forbade her to give birth. Doctors did not listen to my mother, at your own risk have lasted up to 6 months, and only then for the first time appeared in the women's clinic.
I was a desired child: grandparents, father, and even half-sister chayali soul in me, let alone my mother just a speck of dust blown away from his only son!

Mom started working very early and before the work was to take back my kindergarten "Oaks", located near the Timiryazev Academy. To have time to work, my mother went to the first bus and tram, which are generally managed the same drivers. We went with my mother out of the tram, she drove me to the gate of the kindergarten, educator passed, ran to stop and ... waiting for the next tram.

After several delays it warned of dismissal, and since we lived, like everyone else, very modestly, and one father's salary to live could not, the mother reluctantly came up with a solution: let me alone, the three-year kid at the bus stop in the hope that I he'll make it to the gate on the tram kindergarten.

We all came from the first time, although the second was for her the longest and terrible in life. She rushed at the half-empty tram to see if I went through the gate, or even crawl, crocked in a fur coat with a scarf, boots and a hat.

After some time, my mother suddenly noticed that the tram began to move away from a stop slowly and pick up speed only when I was hiding behind the wicket garden. This went on for three years, until I went to kindergarten. My mother could not, and did not try to find an explanation for this strange pattern. The main thing is that her heart was quiet for me.

All cleared up in just a few years, when I started going to school. My mother and I went to her work, and suddenly the tram driver called out to me: "Hey, baby! You've become a grown-up! Remember how your mother and I accompanied you to the garden ...? ยป

Many years have passed, but every time I drove past the stop "Dubki" I remember this little episode of my life, and the heart becomes a little warmer on the kindness of this woman that day, absolutely unselfish, committed one small good thing, just a little delaying a Tram, for the sake of peace a complete stranger to her man!

Author: Semen Semenovich

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