10 women who proved that beauty has no boundaries

These models are changing the modern idea of ​​beauty. They are delightful in their uniqueness and diversity. They do not like it. And this is something that we, site, in people love the most: when they are beautiful and yet remain themselves.

Chantel Brown Yang

The Canadian model is suffering from disorders of skin pigmentation to three years. She managed to turn his disadvantage into advantage - and become a model.

Victoria Modest

Latvian singer and model underwent 15 operations ineffective on the injured leg during childbirth. Soon his leg had to be amputated. But the self-confidence she had not diminished. Quite the contrary. His example inspires a lot of it.

Eric Irvin

35-year-old model from California Eric Irvin because of its growth - 2 meters 5 centimeters - is considered one of the highest models of the world.

Masha Telna

Ukrainian model with a surprisingly large eyes. It is often called "alien" and "beautiful elf».

Carmen Dell'Orefays

This model is already 84 years old, but she is still beautiful and withdrawn in full for the most famous magazines of the world, he comes to the podium and becomes the face of advertising campaigns.

Jamie Bryuer

It is the world's first model with Down syndrome, and for some time yet and actress, known to all of the series' American Horror Story ».

Denise Bidault

28-year-old Puerto Rican model is considered one of the most popular models XXL. Bideau is proud that it has become an example for all women heavier than 55 kilograms.

Casey Legler

This French model was the first with whom a contract was signed with both men, in other words, Casey Legler began to advertise men's clothing. Her height - 188 centimeters, and short hair, sharp cheekbones and a strong chin and Casey really do very much like a young man.


It is called the new Kate Moss. Widely known through its Moff acquired strabismus, and that it was its highlight.

Diandra Forrest

Diandra - green-eyed albino African-American. Albinism among black - very rare, and in the fashion world, it is very much appreciated.

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