20 women who understand what real beauty

To be nice, not necessary to have the model parameters and to dress in expensive boutiques. Just feel this world and smile, because real beauty comes from within.

Website is convinced that all women are beautiful in their own way. And 20 evidence.

You want to know what it means to be truly beautiful?

It is - to be loving mamoy

And work on yourself to achieve zhelaemogo

Do not be afraid to occasionally look glupo

And the light iznutri

Do not be afraid to take anything that makes you unikalnoy

To achieve success, that you really like delat

And achieve tseley

It is - to be a good friend

Be brave and do not sdavatsya

And give people ulybku

To be truly beautiful - means to find something that will make you schastlivoy

It means to have confidence in sebe

In any vozraste

To be beautiful is to recognize that your body perfectly

And do with it whatever he wants

That means to find people who will make you happy

And surround yourself with love

To be beautiful is to understand that your "shortcomings" in fact are not imi

The real beauty - is take my kulturu

And most importantly - take sebya

via: buzzfeed

Translation and adaptation: Website

via www.buzzfeed.com/kirstenking/women-who-totally-get-what-this-whole-beauty-thing-is-abo#.djDY69Ype


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