What should be done up to 30 years to 50 feel great

site Quora conducted the study and asked the people who are over 50, what rules they would be advised to observe the 30-year-old, it proved to be useful in the future. The answers were very simple, but very correct and wise. Website recommends listen to the elders.

Stop smoking. «If you could see me now, I would have dropped to their poor, creaky knees and asked for at least think about how to quit smoking," - says one of the members. No, really, it's expensive, unpleasant smells and with 100% will cause health problems. Maybe it's time to stop? Use sunscreen. If you want wrinkles, dry, flaky and thin skin, bruises on almost any touch? Then go to the beach and enjoy the sun without protective cream. Start saving money. Yes, it's a boring, banal and uninteresting advice, but it is really necessary. In 30 years, a person almost always a little bit of money that can be saved. Start saving now and over time will make this a good accumulation. Maintain (or restore) a good relationship with relatives. Even if you think you have a very difficult relationship with his family, and sometimes you hate each other - you need to learn to get along with loved ones. Family ties are very important. Soon you will realize that this is the most real wealth. Accumulate memories rather than things. you - this is your life experience. Very sad to wake up at 50 and realize that, in addition to material benefits, you will not have gained anything. Memories can not be thrown away, and they will never depreciate. Learn how to give. to do good deeds. Let others what brings them joy. But do it with soul and from the heart. Do not expect anything in return. Then your heart is filled with love. Exercise. It's really important. Keep an active lifestyle now, then you will be quite active in 50 without gaining weight. Exercise. Keep the body and the body is normal. Learn to enjoy what you have. Happiness is much more important than fame or success. Instead, learn to enjoy the complaints that you have, and you will feel truly happy man. Stop postpone the case for the future. If you want to buy a house? Write a book? Get a degree or second degree? Change careers? To learn a new musical instrument? Start a business and work for yourself? Then start today. Do not say that you will return to it someday. Time really like accelerated after 30. Follow the daily routine. Get enough sleep. Sleep enough. Lie down and get up at the same time. Get rid of insomnia.

Take care of your teeth. With age, dental problems is just getting bigger. The treatment takes more time and money. So no need to delay treatment until the intervention of doctors will not just necessary.

Be curious. Get out of the house and do something crazy. Vvyazhites a real adventure! Take lots of pictures, take someone from the family. These memories will warm you in old age. Stop eating bad things. For my entire life, you can make plenty of money and spend it on whatever you want. But health will not buy. It is better to give up fast food and other stuff right now. Read at least 10 books a year of good. your brain all the time needed to develop, so stop wasting a lot of time on TV and video games. Pick up a volume of classic or interesting nauchpop. Learn how to meditate. It takes quite a bit of time and changes in your life will be wonderful. And there are many scientific studies that confirm this. trip. As much as possible. Travel changing us. They answer our many questions. They inspire. They are forced to stop being afraid. Journey - this is the thing that will help you feel alive. Stop comparing yourself with someone. Believe me, when you will be 50, you will be completely still, the impression you make on others. Start your journey. Be strong. Keep a diary. You will forget most of your precious memories. Burn them. And be sure to save your photos.

Take care of your friends. Hold on to people who help you feel better, that challenge you by example that you really like. Laugh with them. Engage nonsense. Enjoy life. Acquire place. Yes, it's not so easy in our reality. But try to do everything possible to make you come back and where the main thing - it was good.

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