5 traps for the willpower of the book Kelly Makgoninal "Willpower: How to develop and strengthen"

Do not lose samokontrolKakimi have no talent possessed man without willpower he is unlikely to realize our plans and proper use of your time. Stanford University professor Kelly Makgonikal in his book "Willpower: How to develop and strengthen" The main principles on which is based the mechanism of self-control. "Theory and Practice" have chosen five major pitfalls lying in wait for resolute man.

RasseyannostReshenie requiring willpower, we can not take on autopilot - the brain will default less tedious (and therefore invalid) option. Therefore, at the time of selection, it is important to be focused, or you may unwittingly be tempted. Baba Shiv, a marketing professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, has shown that when people are distracted, they are more likely to succumb to temptation. For example, students who are trying to remember a phone number, up to 50% more likely to choose to not snack fruit, and chocolate cake, and scattered buyers are more susceptible to shop Advertising.

Lack glyukozyIssledovateli from the University of South Dakota have suggested that the brain periodically weakens the self in order to save: he spends energy when its reserves are high, but cares if resources are being depleted. To test this theory, the researchers conducted an experiment. Participants are asked to choose between the two prizes: $ 120, that you can get today or $ 450, which can be picked up only a week later (classical test for the strength of will - the choice between a smaller immediate reward more favorable to the delayed impact). Before starting the experiment, the researchers measured the blood sugar test, and after the first round of the participants were given a drink or common sweet cola or diet. Those participants who received "sugar feeding," often show restraint in the second round and decided to wait for 450 $.

Excessive usiliyaSila faith in something like a muscle: it is also able to recover from tired and rest. Such a conclusion is made Roy Baumeister American psychologist, I watch people, who had to control myself in different situations. It turned out that the resources are limited willpower and all actions are not enough: if you spend all their forces to self in one area, will have to show weakness in the other. For example, smokers are giving up their habit, may lean on the sweet, and people are constantly restrain their emotions, difficult to control financial costs.

Good namereniyaUchenye of the Baruch College of the City University of New York of the countries concerned statistics at McDonalds: Big Mac sales have increased significantly after the menu appeared more healthy food. The researchers conducted an experiment to simulate a restaurant and order a psychological experiment. Strange statistics again confirmed - as soon as the menu appeared salad, participants increasingly began to choose hamburgers. This is because the human mind tends to take a future decision (or even the possibility of such a solution) for already committed action. Therefore, the very appearance of the options to "eat a salad" is actually equivalent to the choice of healthy dishes. Then the visitor unconsciously believes that once he has taken care of his health, now you can relax.

Guilt and strahPytayas help a person to pull myself together, surrounding often try to put pressure on his guilt. But this is not the best approach. After all, a sense of guilt causes stress, and the brain to cope with the discomfort begins to look for the source of pleasant emotions. Therefore, feeling guilty, people begin to eat more, drink, shop and play video games. Such a reaction is fear. Psychologists have conducted a rather unpleasant experiment in grocery stores - asked visitors to think about their own death. It turned out that after such tests people start to spend more money to buy food, to "seize stressĀ».

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