People do not look like him it seems

Curious experiment, each person has their own ideas about their appearance. Scientists decided to test how close they are to reality.

It turned out that in fact, people do not look as currently imagined. This experiment showed, conducted by David White and his colleagues at the University of New South Wales in Australia. During a scientific experiment one group of psychologists offered to arrange your pictures in order of similarity of images, and then asked another group looking at the participants from the first, to do with their photos is the same.

The result is a different series. And those who picked up their own pictures, first choose less similar to itself, the image than strangers.

Psychologists were surprised: they assumed that people who every day see themselves in a mirror, choose a similar image than outsiders. But the experimental data about the other. So, people who have seen students just a minute, just choose the most similar image, which was confirmed and computer test. The subjects, to lay their shots were not as accurate. According to White, objectively perceive the appearance of a man hinder his own memories of their appearance.

Another detail: choose relatively similar to a real person able to both images in the group of subjects when shown them smiling. Scientists remembered banning smile on the photo to the documents - is that it distorts the usual features. Now it turns out that the ban reduces the awareness of people out of official photos.



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