The paintings, which drew an artificial intelligence created by Google

Truly zavorazhivayuschieIskusstvenny intelligence "thinks" is not quite the way we, the people, but this does not prevent him from creating extravagant psychedelic visual images.

Recently at Google we have tested artificial neural networks for pattern recognition and image description. In order to understand how they created the system "thinks" team "asked" her to create images based on specific requests. The results show how a network of artificial intelligence (AI) interprets the world, received a strange and often simply stunning.

In a new report titled "Inseptionizm: depression in the neural networks' research Google Group exhaustively analyzes the work of artificial neural networks, especially as software designed for image recognition.

team of researchers tried to "teach" the network, showing her examples of images that she had to remember. For example, to teach the AI, which means the word "mountain", they showed her a different photo of the mountains.

However, they got some strange results when the network was asked to create their own image on the basis that it is "learned." On one occasion, when she was told to draw a dumbbell, the network has created a picture where the combined metal and human hands, probably due to the fact that each image with a dumbbell, which was her shows include hands holding dumbbells.

Some other tests, the research team asked the neural network to find images on specific things that really were not there. The idea was to make artificial intelligence to modify the initial image to produce the desired object.

During the course of other Google employees testing the network said AI produce random images without prompting, based only on random neural memories present in the static memory.

Researchers at Google say about these randomly generated images as "dreams" artificial neural network.

It turns out that the AI ​​can sleep and see the amazing sheep with deformed birds and a variety of eye ...

... And you can also see a lot of other crazy visual images. Probably it looks as "Lord of the Rings" when watching it on LSD.

If we take a picture of artificial intelligence is partly an example of modernist art, it is probably quite acceptable that AI used several methods of Edvard Munch in which he created the "Scream". But what does the persistent use of the eyes? And is that ... the dog on the left side of the picture?

Other images have appeared extraordinarily beautiful and sophisticated at the same time. The Google plans to continue their observation in which images are formed on deep neural level, since it has decided to continue studying artificial intelligence, so that he could better recognize the necessary images.



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