Woman two years sat on the toilet ... and rooted for him

Most interesting is that her boyfriend is not particularly udivlyalo.

In 2008, the public was shocked to learn that the 35-year-old American, Pam Babcock, held in a toilet ... for two years! According to the police, who had disembarrass unhappy at the request of her roommate Corey Makfarrena "leather women literally rooted to the toilet seat." At first, Pam refused hospitalization, but peace officers persuaded her to see a doctor. As a result, physicians were women with all necessary assistance, and now she has some time will have to move around in a wheelchair because her muscles from the long sitting on the toilet simply atrophied.

"We pulled out a toilet together with the base and as such sent the victim to the hospital - said the local police chief Brian Whipple. - In the hospital it "liberated". She was not glued. She was not tied. It is hard to imagine, but her body was in one piece with the toilet ».

In turn, partner Pam told reporters that the woman made their choice completely voluntarily. According to him, for about two years, every day he brought the beloved food and water and asked her to come out of the dressing room, to which she replied: "Maybe tomorrow." As a result, Makfarrenu got sick, and he made the call to the police, saying that his girlfriend is something wrong. Thus Cory suggested that Pam was afraid to come out of the dressing room because of the AKDN beatings she suffered as a child. "One day she just went to the bathroom and stayed there for some time, next time it lasted longer - told Makfarren. - And then she decided that she just stays there, as if it was her refuge. " According to him, despite the absurdity of the situation, he has a girlfriend, "nevertheless were absolutely normal relations, except for the fact that they were developed only in the toilet».

Pam herself categorically refuses to talk to the police on the subject of why she decided to spend as much time in the restroom. Meanwhile, investigators do not exclude that this Makfarren its slopes. According to the police, if the case goes to court, the man would be charged with mistreatment of a dependent adult. However, Cory does not consider himself guilty and says that living in a toilet room "was exceptionally selection Pam." "She's an adult, and she made a decision - he said. - My fault is that I called for help earlier, I admit it. But over time you get used to it just ... »

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