The easiest way to lose weight - drink more water

Physical exercise - a good pastime, but researchers say that the surest way to lose weight is to increase the proportion of water in the diet.

Experiment was conducted, during which members of the group who drank two cups of water before meals, on average, dropped by 1 kg more than the volunteers from other groups that do not increase water consumption.

The whole complex of 11 experiments proved that sticking to a diet, try to drink more water - it will help to effectively remove the excess kilograms.

One researcher Brenda Davy, a member of the Technological University of Virginia, USA, explained that water suppresses the feeling of hunger, and people consume fewer calories, which improves the results of any diet.


Rebecca Makelbauer from the medical center at the Charité University of Berlin, believes that it is a feeling of satiety, which gives the water allows a person to enhance the effect of weight loss. She also proposed to introduce a new term - "water-induced thermogenesis": According to Rebecca, water increases the power consumption by the body that helps burn excess calories.

Scientists advise every adult to drink up to 2, 5 liters of fluid a day, but it applies to all the moisture in the food. Also, do not drink too much fruit juice - there is too much sugar, which can adversely affect the fight against excess weight.

Of course, not always increased fluid intake leads to weight loss: according to statistics, people who are overweight, on average, drink more water than slim. This happens because a large share of the water they get from soft drinks, which are not conducive to weight loss. So if you have a problem with overweight, try to start from the diet drinks are excluded with a high sugar content, replacing them with clean drinking water.



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