Exercise! Run! Eat natural food! Be healthy!

"Maximum comfort, minimum movement!" - A slogan of people naively believe that protecting yourself from unnecessary step, thus they are saving their health. In fact, just the opposite. Prolonged restriction of motor activity has a detrimental effect on health. Sedentary lifestyle is reflected adversely not only on the internal organs, muscles, and skeleton. It is found for example that for the 36 weeks of bed rest person loses as much bone as 10 years of normal active life.
Interestingly, many disorders in the body that are the result of poor physical activity are very similar to age-related changes. And old people, and people leading a sedentary, passive way of life reduces the number of red blood cells, increases fat deposits, increased bone fragility, lost the ability to effectively absorb oxygen. From the point of view of the heart, and skeletal muscle exercise can "rejuvenate" the 70-year-old man for 40 years.

In the suburbs home to the famous family Boris and L.Nikitinyh. She is known for its special system of early physical education of children who are in the family of seven. Experience family Nikitin demonstrates that due to the early exercise a child can at the 3rd month of life, self-standing, holding a support firmly hanging to 30, at the 6th month crawling to 9 months to go without the support and assistance and in the year vertical ladder to climb to a height of 1, 5-2 m, and get off it. The need for movement is not lost even in preschool and school age. It manifests itself in the ancient world as the instinct - the game. With age, to replace children's games in the best racing games come and do sports. But passion in any one sport to achieve high results, as a rule, leads to a one-sided development of individual muscle groups, specialization waste movements. The needs of the growing organism dictate the need for a comprehensive physical development, which is achieved by moderate loads on the entire skeletal muscles.
Meanwhile, there are students who by all ways and means of seeking medical help for exemption from physical education classes. And while they have the support of the parents and, even more terrible doctors. Since childhood produced one of the bad habits - to protect themselves from every unnecessary movement.
Exercise! Run! Eat natural food! Be healthy!


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