The basic principles of healthy eating:

 - Eat moderately
 - Eat live food
 - Eat food from your region
 - Eat clean

Drying foods is the most natural way billet products for the winter. And it seems that the only way to conservation, which does not make herbal products vitality. Unlike freeze-drying preserves the natural structure of cells, only one evaporating moisture. When frozen cells are broken, the product looses its structure after reduction in raw form, it is often not suitable for food and must be thermally treated.
Surprisingly, in the dried product retains more nutrients than stored in its original form products, so drying is the best natural way to preserve food. For example, in apples, which are stored in the cellar, the loss of nutrients is by January 50% of the original composition. Apples, which sell in the store and had been stored in special chambers until July, losing up to 90%. Dried apples are stored without significant loss of nutrients in six months (lost only 3-5% of nutrients).

Drying as a way of harvesting allows you to save your, natural and inaccessible in the winter, while maintaining maximum nutrients and vitality. Many gardeners are faced with the problem of processing an abundant harvest. Drying - this is the easiest way to deal with large volumes.

Drying also solves the problem of environmental products and at the same time to save money. Collected in season in your area cheap fruit and vegetables will replace the products purchased in the winter. Also will not need to buy substandard chemically treated dried fruits.

Considered to be the most useful drying in the shade in a dry sunny weather. But the most simple and affordable for our band - in special dryers or dehydrators suitable for owners of their own gardens, and for the citizens.
In addition to the dehydrator, you can make a huge amount of syroednyh food: bread, pancakes, cakes, etc.


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