New (extremely dangerous) way to lose weight - diet Cotton

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People are coming up with more and more desperate methods to lose weight. One of the latest trends - powered cotton balls soaked in orange juice, lemonade or a cocktail.

Now the Internet can find a lot of videos or articles about how young women lost weight through a diet of cotton swabs. Fashion arisen due to the actor Eddie Murphy's daughter Bria, has become a model after a diet.

The idea that eating cotton balls, you feel satiated, but do not gain weight. Some practitioners only eat cotton diet throughout the day, while others use them as a "filler" for the stomach, and therefore eat less than normal food. Usually, people eat at a time of five balls, and then feel satiated.

Medical experts have expressed serious concerns about the new fad. Brandy Koski, Managing Director of Site «Diets in Review», says that if a person does not eat organic cotton, the diet is dangerous. Most of these cotton balls do not contain cotton - they are made from bleached polyester fibers with a large content of chemicals. According to Koski, eating such "products" - all the same that the dip in the juice of your t-shirt made of polyester and eat it.

Dr. Ovidio Bermudez, chief physician at the Center for healthy food in Denver, agrees Koski. According to him, there are cotton balls just as harmful, such as fabric, buttons or coins. In addition to the obvious risks of suffocation and malnutrition, it can also lead to a "traffic jam" in the intestinal tract called a bezoar, or bezoar stone, and even complete obstruction, and hence a risk to life.

Earlier in commitment Cotton diet we suspect many models, but now she's addicted teenage girls. According to Lynn Gref, president and CEO of the National Association of deviations of power, people in our time is no longer concerned about health - they are experiencing due to the fact that the weight gain.



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