This pair of drop everything for the sake of their dreams and there you are!

The pair gave up her job, built a camper and set off on a journey ... The incredible story! Yet some two years ago, my boyfriend Guillaume and I have been burdened by high prices for rent, our to some extent useless property loans debts and pleasurable work that gave rise to what we still decided to radically change their lifestyle. I was already beginning to believe that I did not manage to realize his passion for writing, the same feeling tormented and Guillaume about his favorite pastime photo. Then we decided to look after myself a tiny house. These small homes inspired us to turn our lives upside down and finally bring our dreams into reality. We even made a follow-up plan: 1. Buy a tiny house. 2. Carry-year-old journey to North America. 3. Create a portfolio of traveler that would show people the alternative of how to live. Guillaume would be photographed, and I would write.

We began to build our tiny house with almost zero experience in the field of construction. Everything that we had - a great enthusiasm! We were not even guessed that it would be a house not in the traditional sense of the word. Having gone through a whole series of mistakes, life lessons and disappointments, we finally one shot killed several birds with one stone and set off on a journey of our dreams in a tiny house on wheels.

For 6 months we have overcome the path of 17 000 kilometers. During this time, our tiny abode many times has spurred us on an incredible adventure. On the way we met thousands of like-minded people, who are just like us, live in small huts, tree houses, yurts, homes, boats and so on. Guillaume photographed these wonderful people while I describe their exciting stories. Here are just a small part of what we can learn from this trip.

Two years ago we suffered a seemingly unbearable burden ...


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