Most Truthful Letter Father young daughter about her future husband

Psychologist Kelly Flanagan wrote a letter to his daughter about everything - something like a message in a bottle with wise advice for the future. Here is one of the most popular letters, collected thousands of readers of his blog. These wonderful words to hear every girl.


Recently my mother and I were looking for something on Google. In response, the search engine accidentally issued a list of the most popular searches in the world. At the top of the list is the question: "How to keep a man».

This request discouraged me. I skimmed a few of the endless articles about how to be always sexy when to bring him a beer, and when - and how to make a sandwich for her man smarter and cooler.

And I was angry.

Baby, it's not true - you have never been, and never will be such a problem - "keep a man».

Baby, your only task - to remember that you are worthy of the love of a good man. Keep this confidence deep down, where it will not be able to destroy the failures, loss and self-interest that we all encounter in life. (If you're going to remember that not only you, but every person is worthy of respect and love, the battle of your life can be considered as won. But this is a topic for another letter).

If you believe that a value in itself, it will draw a boy who would be able to assess you and who want to spend a single life, more and more in love with you.

Baby, I want to tell you about a boy who does not need to be kept - because he wants to be with you.

I do not care whether he keeps his elbows at the table - the main thing that he did not take his eyes off of your nose when you're funny grimacing him, bursting into laughter.

I do not care if he could play a little golf - most importantly, that he can play with the children, whom you had given him, and noticing something with delight, then with irritation as they look at you.

I do not care how brave he is - the main thing that he lacked the strength to give you the power to exercise your heart.

The last thing I'm interested, for whom he votes in elections - if he will honor you in your home and deep respect in my heart.

I do not care about the color of his skin - if it will cover the canvas of your life together paint patience and ability to sacrifice for each other, and vulnerability and tenderness.

I do not care what religion he was raised, or maybe it will grow in a non-religious family - the main thing that he has learned that life is sacred things, and he knew that every minute of life in general and each minute of life with you is deeply sacred. < br />
And last, baby, if you meet a man on his way, and he with me will not be anything to do, we will still be the most important shared value in the world: YOU.

Because in the end the only thing you should do to "keep it", - it is to be you.

Always a man who loves you,

Pope «.

"I wrote this letter to his daughter, but I want to dedicate it to every adult woman he met on the way, - appeals to readers of his blog Kelly Flanagan. - Women who have never had the opportunity to hear such words from his father. I also wrote it for the current generation of boys - the future of men who need to hear about the really important things. Do meet my little girl loving companion for life, it depends on whether at least one of you not to forget about these important things. I pray for you ».


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