This girl for several months lived with a skull in the Belly

Hilton Jamie (Jamie Hilton) - former Miss Idaho USA had to endure an unusual procedure. In June, a woman was the victim of an accident, because of what she had to quickly remove part of the skull.

The woman fell from a 3-meter-high concrete embankment, hitting his head.

During surgery, doctors removed 25 percent of her skull because of the fact that her brain was severely swollen, and he needed a place to return to normal size. Himself a piece of the skull was placed in the inside of the abdomen, so that he received the power to the point where it can be put back into place again.

Within a few weeks she quickly recovered, passes without the skull. She wore a special helmet to prevent further injury.

After swelling of the brain enough sleep, doctors were able to remove the skull fragment from the belly and put it into place.

Hilton underwent surgery well and the only effect of these manipulations are changes in taste sensations and loss of smell.

For the rest, it feels perfectly normal. "I can read, write, walk, dance, and cares for the children," - said 36-year-old American.


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