That is what happens to the milk, if you add it into Coke .. also happens in your body!

Millions of times have you heard about supernormal "Coca-Cola", as if it corrodes meat products, scum washes, removes blood stains, and even displays the fatty stains from clothes.

This crazy experiment will make even the most ardent fan of "Coca-Cola" horrified only one mention of it. The results are very convincing.

To experiment requires two ingredients: milk and "Coca-Cola┬╗.

Add to milk Cola

Tightly close it and leave it at 6:00.

This is what We Detection them after 6:00.

The top layer of the liquid looks like water is very dirty river.

The lower layer also looks like ... dirt? Sand? Or something worse? B>

"Coca-Cola" has the acidity, which is able to destroy the molecule proteins, thus giving a muddy sediment. On a hot summer day, satisfying thirst, "Coca-Cola", think about what is happening inside your body (the tissue in your body is composed of protein).


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