16 Abandoned place shows what kind of life will be after the People

Especially for the project "Abandoned place in Europe", launched Nikon Europe, photographer David de Rueda captured the abandoned sites and derelict sites in nine European countries. The journey took forty-four days and gave fascinating footage!

1. Abandoned radar station in the mountains of Italy

"After nearly three hours of walking through the snow depth of 50 cm, we have achieved these vast frozen dishes. Full moon, clear skies, and snow all around: just incredible atmosphere "

2. Inside an abandoned nuclear power plant cooling towers

"Inside the cooling towers of nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, which was never completed. Cooling towers are impressive from the outside, but even more - from the inside. This unfinished building, my model is looking at the forgotten grandeur of "

3. Abandoned spacecraft Buran

"This image - the result of 180 kilometers of road in the desert of Kazakhstan and another 45 kilometers on foot through the restricted area. We came and saw them - two relics of the Soviet space race in a huge abandoned hangar "

4. Amusement Park after a radiation accident

"I asked myself how I could capture the famous Ferris Wheel in Pripyat, a new and original perspective. My dream was full of snow, he created a dreamy atmosphere that completely changed the Pripyat. From the roof of the house I was able to make the desired picture "

5. Inside an abandoned hospital

"The room in an abandoned hospital Pripyat, one of the first houses that I explored in Pripyat. Oven, apparently exploded and destroyed everything ".

6. The waiting room at the hospital

"The waiting room at the hospital Pripyat. The colors of the room and withered tree gives the impression that time has stopped here "

7. What was once a concert hall

"Linnahall - former concert hall in Tallinn, Estonia. During the two-minute excerpt I was able to uncover the architecture of the building, which was plunged into darkness. The light attracts the eye to the center. To me, the room looks like a spaceship "

8. Forgotten plane

"Somewhere on the south coast of Iceland is a long-forgotten aircraft Douglas DC-3. I arrived there at 4 in the morning and as we expected, the aurora gradually appeared on the horizon. I enjoyed it to the magic of dawn and used the 90-second shutter speed, adding a little light inside the plane "

9. Cemetery of trains in Budapest

"In Budapest I researched this abandoned cemetery of trains. I felt like I was a child to escape from reality and turned into an imaginary world of steel monsters "

10. Entrance to the abandoned power plant in Hungary

"I had to crawl and climb to be on this abandoned power plant near Budapest, Hungary. We could get to power only through the lift shaft at a coal mine (100-meter-long corridor full of dust and sunlight) - an ideal place to create an atmosphere of ghosts "

11. Inside the power

"An impressive place with a sense of scale. Abandoned machinery everywhere and incredibly strong atmosphere. I felt like I was in a science fiction movie and wanted to create their own world of photography ".

12. What once was a cafe

"The former cafe in Pripyat. I would like to emphasize the beauty of stained glass to create something unique with a long exposure and painting of light. We have put a light inside the building, the second - for the sign "Pripyat", and the third - in front of her "

13. Abandoned experimental power station

"This photo was taken in an abandoned experimental power plant near Moscow, which is closely guarded by a dozen dogs. After a short conversation the caretaker let us in. The sun is just beginning to set, I had a few minutes to find the perfect angle. Add Pictures bird flies lyricism "

14. Forgotten Works of the 19th century

"In St. Petersburg, we went to the old plant, built in the 19th century. Just a great place. I liked this room with its form, light and creativity to my model. She - the focal point of the picture ".

15. A ghost town at dawn

"In Pripyat I was able to watch the sunrise from the top of the tallest building of the abandoned city, with Mount Fuji. Sunlight ran in the middle of a dead town, reviving this place for a few brief seconds, "


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