Longevity Project - Now I'll always be Massaging feet!

The relationship between the internal organs and the human foot discovered in ancient times. Regular foot massage helped people to strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, extended longevity and youthfulness of the body. Over time, the knowledge forgotten, but their effectiveness remains unchanged. Of course, now they all want to be beautiful and healthy without any financial costs and applying to this a minimum of effort. However, this is - really! And one of these "lazy" method is a foot massage!

How does it work?

The human foot is almost completely covered with acupressure points that when stimulated with your fingers, sand or pebbles stepping up the work of all internal organs. The day is enough to spend just 10 minutes a massage to use all systems of the body.

What is useful foot massage?

improves circulation; removes the subcutaneous fatty tissue and fat; enhances the metabolism; stimulates the digestive process; < struggling with excess weight; tones the skin; fatigue; relieves constipation, hemorrhoids, incontinence. ul > Foot massage is especially needed for older people to maintain health and treat certain zabolevaniy.

The above picture shows which parts of the feet should be massaged for healing certain organ. To massage every night before going to bed 10-15 minutes, and the result is you will feel in a week! Tell your friends how to save on medication and maintain health, and you will have a chance to live together for 100 years!


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