How to remove the stomach and sides? These effective exercises will help you get a good shape!

Is the house you can achieve good results with such unpretentious exercise? Yes, definitely! If you deal with frequently and diligently, you immediately feel the effect. With this charging your stomach will be flat, but not at the expense of grueling weight loss, but because the muscles will become stronger. These exercises combine cardio and muscle training. Enjoy the exercise!

1. Exercise "Mill».

2. Perform lunges back (20 times on each leg).

3. lunges back, each time lifting the knee up high (20 times on each leg).

4. Make knees under him, bouncing in place.

5. Jump, raising knees to chest high (40 times).

6. Perform a squat and jump (40 times).

Do these exercises vigorously, the more energy you spend, the more accelerated metabolism. It is good that such a charge does not take long and does not require additional equipment. A good option for those who do not get access to the gym.

I tell her friends about this wonderful and accessible fitness. And do not forget to engage!

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