Recipe home for laminating amazingly silky hair. Hairstyle fairy princess!

Lamination - a wonderful remedy for those who want to strengthen your hair and give them a really healthy. With these homemade recipes you can feel confident in the beauty of natural hair for all 100.

Secret lamination member that is applied to the hair a composition of biologically active substances, whereby each hair covered special film, which improves the structure of the hair and protects them from harmful external factors. In this magical protective film perfectly passes oxygen, but is opposed to loss of moisture and various substances needed for health our hair.

Make lamination in the home - is not difficult. Here are the ingredients necessary for a wonderful mixture:

  • Gelatin - 1st. Spoon
  • hot water - 3st. spoon
  • hair conditioner - 1/2 Art. spoon

    1. Mix gelatin and hot water.

    2. While the mixture cools, carefully wash his head. Hair before the lamination process must be clean.

    3. Add to the well dissolved gelatin favorite hair conditioner. Balsam need quite a bit to get the desired effect.

    4. Apply the mask on your hair, put a shower cap on top and shook his head with a towel. Hold the head so warm for about an hour.

    5. Wash your hair without using shampoo, just warm water.

    If you pursue a course of several such procedures, your hair will amaze you a noticeable improvement. But even after one such gelatin mask will be the effect! The hair will become docile, voluminous and shiny. Split ends are no longer visible, you can thanks to this lamination forget what brittle hair.

    Becomes every day more beautiful! Do not miss the opportunity to give your hair an attractive appearance by means of lamination. If you appreciated this article appreciated - must share it with others.

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