How to make a fool of us every day! The most common marketing ploy.

In today's market of goods competition reaches such proportions that manufacturers and marketers are trying simply to deceive customers. These tricks quite harmless, but you need to be quite careful not to peck at them. For example, every day we hear about the dangers of cholesterol to our health. When a customer sees on the product packaging is present inscription "no cholesterol," he gladly buy this product. Manufacturers take advantage of this, and glue these inscriptions even on those goods where it is and can not be. I suggest you look at the most common examples of such marketing gimmicks.

1. Package of milk. In it, 900 g, but it is often perceived as a liter. Next to him is yogurt. Its density is higher than the density of water, which means that you do not buy 900 milliliters of yogurt, but only 874, 5.


2. 25 years warranty. You can be assured that the purchased appliance breaks down, do not you? But there is a caveat. It is necessary to keep a check, which is usually printed on a cash termolenta. They fade after two to three years. So it is better to make a photocopy of the check.


3. And no nuclear waste, why it is not indicated on the label? The vegetable oil can not contain cholesterol. But should definitely write, just in case.


4. Sausages without soy. If they are not made of meat, the soy texturate any of the fat emulsion. These written that they no soy, they are made, most likely due to the emulsion. The statement "no soy" is not saying that the sausages are made of real meat.


5. Imitation. This margarine issued as the well-known oil and just missed the name of the class of goods. The purchaser will accept the product as oil.


6. Another example of imitation. The product is a mountain of chocolate bars put their own brand.


7. Caviar inside there. On the cover, probably accidentally forgot to write that it's capelin caviar.


8. Citric acid is both a regulator of acidity, and preservative and flavoring. But if the producers meant it as a regulator, the preservatives there, of course not.


9. It turns out that the young bulls, and even at this price - it's a bird. Interestingly it turns out.


10. Do you still believe that there is a crab meat?


Be attentive. We often perceive the inscription on the packaging of the products literally, but they have a trick. Try and get a grasp of the products and analyze this information. Not vedis that such banal tricks!

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