She just put the smartphone into the box. What happened next surprised everyone!

Some people are more creative than others. Someone comes up with advertising slogans, removes unusual videos, build sand castles and so on. But this girl wiped her nose all. Its invention is not only original, but also saves a lot of money and it is very easy to make at home yourself. I do not believe that this is possible? And you try to repeat!

1. All you need to create this incredible invention - a cardboard box, a magnifying glass, tape (or a good scotch tape), paper clips and a smartphone.

2. Draw a circle on the box of the same diameter as the glass magnifier.

3. Cut out a circle that has turned out.

4. On the inside of the glass fasten with adhesive tape (scotch) in place of the hole.

5. Bend the paper clip so that you are then able to put her own smartphone.

6. Set the brightness of the screen on the smartphone by 100%.

7. Put the phone on the stand in the box.

8. Close the drawer.

9. Now you have your own home projector. You do not have to watch movies and photos on the small screen of a mobile phone, you can do it on a large wall in his living room.

If this is an interesting invention had you prefer, it will love and your friends. Share this simple life hacking them!

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