That's why spicy food so good for you! 3 reasons that will convince you ...

Many people believe that spicy food is able to provoke a stomach ulcer, often talk about how a negative impact on the state of peppers oral mucosa. However, recent studies indicate that the hot chili peppers and other spices prevent the occurrence of ulcers, gastritis and problems with the teeth! If you like spicy food, go on in the same spirit. These are some reasons will convince add more spice in the dishes, even those who can not tolerate pepper!

1. Chili effect on blood sugar levels. Spicy foods reduces the risk of diabetes and improves the condition of people suffering from this disease. Due to the high content of various vitamins and calcium, pepper perfectly strengthens the entire body!

2. Chili contains vitamin C as much as 17 mg of this vitamin is located in a small pepper! Needless to say that the pepper - a wonderful anti-inflammatory? Such amount of antioxidants does not contain any more a single product. Also present in pepper vitamin A, which protiyanie improve your skin and give vision acuity.

Capsaicin - an incredibly valuable nutrient, which is also in pepper. Capsaicin reduces the risk of developing colds, actively fights the development of infections in the body. Exceptionally useful for gastro-intestinal tract.

3. Thinking about losing weight fly with the first spring swallows. If you're already concerned about this issue, think of pepper and other hot spices. Spicy food accelerates the metabolism, burning unnecessary calories. All processes in the body occur faster, you feel at the peak of activity. And lose weight! Here's what can pinch of spice ... If losing weight you to anything, please note that pepper also helps to reduce "bad" cholesterol in the blood. When you eat spicy food, saturation occurs faster, and you do not overeat. And so will please your stomach!

Chili, pepper, mustard, cloves and curry ... All these spices are not only fragrant, they give the original taste of dishes. Do not neglect spices, because they are so beneficial to your health! Speak to your friends about it.

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