This is a completely new approach to diet! Recommendations Dr. Pierre Duc.

Dr. Pierre Ducane - a controversial figure in dietetics. On the one hand, his diet quickly gained popularity because it brings smart results. But there is a downside: many doctors are skeptical whether such a useful food for health. After Dukan Diet is based solely on nutrition protein products and vegetables, no fat and carbohydrates in the diet.

Follow Dukan Diet certainly better than starving. The feeling of saturation is guaranteed under the regime of power that offers the doctor. Because man has chosen protein diet will not suffer from sudden attacks of hunger and behavioral disorders associated with them. Listen to the wise advice of a doctor, even if the diet - this is not for you. Pierre Ducane provides general guidelines to help you look good and keep your weight is normal.

1. good night's sleep and close to breakfast, including breakfast protein foods: eggs, cheese, lean meat.

2. Do not eat on the go.

3. walk more.

4. If you - a vegetarian, it is not a hindrance to protein diet. After all, the protein found in dairy products, eggs, legumes. Vegans who do not eat eggs, even, is to lean on lentils, chickpeas, soybeans and tofu. Do not forget about the nuts, is a powerful source of protein.

5. Type in your diet mushrooms - they are rich in protein and contain a small amount of calories. Baked in the oven or grilled mushrooms are very tasty!

6. asparagus, tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper - perfect vegetables that are on sale in the winter and summer. Is supplemented by vegetables, meat dishes, it's good for your health.

7. Think of the pumpkin! Pumpkin puree or fried in spices with vegetables pumpkin - wonderful meals. Pumpkin soup - a real delicacy! Pumpkin helps cleanse the body and is a low-calorie vegetable.

8. Kiwi, orange, apple and mango - the best diet fruit. Snack apple is the most healthy!

9. Avoid bananas, if you want to lose weight: they have too many calories.

10. The best drink of all time - the water. Between the coffee and tea after dinner, choose water. An exception can be green tea: Drink it as much as possible, it promotes weight loss.

11. Use garlic, onion, pepper, curry and turmeric in cooking. The more spices you consume, the faster the saturation occurs, spices help to not overeat. Red and black pepper stimulate metabolism and help lose weight quickly.

12. Enter in your diet chia seeds, which contain the body needs omega-3 fats. This product will help you lose weight, keeping the skin in good condition!

Dr. Pierre Ducane discovered the unique Japanese konjac plant. It looks like a potato, grows in the ground. Konjac tuber make flour, which can be used for cooking pasta, cereals, pastries. The beauty of this product is that it is not calories! Just imagine: you eat a plate of spaghetti made from this plant is not getting any extra calories. It is a revolutionary slimming product, for sure soon it will be known. Do not forget about bran, adding them to your menu, you help the body maintain a stable weight.

Dr. Ducane share tips with friends: spring diet seems particularly appropriate! Until the summer there are very little ...

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