10 exercises that will enliven your joints. The feeling of lightness is guaranteed!

These exercises will help you not only get rid of the pain in the joints crunch. Doing this wonderful complex, you will forget about troubles that accompany a sedentary lifestyle - a feeling of lethargy will disappear. The most remarkable thing - that you will be able to charge, without getting out of bed! Try to deal with the procedure of Dr. Sergei Bubnovskogo, feel healthy joints.

1. Begin the exercise with an active repulsion foot. Pulling the thumb forward and upward, return it to its original position.

2. Divorce is reduced and in turn the toes apart.

3. Turn the foot clockwise and in the opposite direction. Try to draw a perfect circle foot.

4. bend and unbend your knees, sliding feet on the bed.

5. Squeeze with the power of your toes as if they want to grab the ball. Fingers spread as widely as possible, returning the foot in a calm state.

6. pulling straight leg forward, one by one. Use a support for the largest possible range of motion.

7. Bend your knees. Alternately Casa knees inside of the thigh.

8. Become the bridge from a prone position. Gently back to the horizontal position.

9. Bend the knee and push it to the chest. Try to touch your chin knee. Do this 15 times, breathe out, straining muscles.

10. Bend your knees, focusing feet on the bed. Retractable stomach as much as possible, straining back muscles and the press.

To your joints to function perfectly at any age, do exercises to strengthen them. It's not difficult, but the result will be noticeable! It is enough to spend just 10 minutes in the morning and all day long you'll feel incredibly cheerful. This charge is useful at any age!

About joints should remember all these exercises came to their loved ones.

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