5 reasons for unconditional doing sit-ups every day. Universal exercise!

Squats - this is a very important exercise, which can not be replaced by any other. Someone may say that it is interesting and there are many new and more effective exercises. But it is not so! Athletes not only do a lot of its variations: squats on one leg, "gun", grand plie, Sumo, with the load, and so on. Each option has many advantages. Squats increase endurance, make a figure slimmer and improve the coordination of movements.

5 reasons to do sit-ups every day:

1. Strengthening the muscles of the body and the development of power
If you want to strengthen the muscles of the body quickly and accurately, the better exercise than squats, you will not find! If you execute it properly, it will develop the quadriceps, calves, hamstrings. The load at the squat helps improve endurance.

2. Effective weight loss
Muscle helps burn fat more efficiently. The more developed the muscle you have, the better the body will burn excess calories. If your goal is to lose weight - ups should take one of the main places in your training.

3. Improving the operation of joints
Squats are well suited for the undeveloped and crackling joints. If you're going to monitor their health, this will help avoid injury when performing other exercises.

4. Study muscle bark
Those who want to have cubes press, know that without sit-ups can not do. During this exercise, the muscles involved central part of the body including the abdominal area.

5. Improved posture
Do not forget about the stress that is attributable to the lower back, upper back and neck at a squat. When you squat, the back should be as smooth, otherwise the result will not be.

Squats - this is a useful exercise that you can do in your spare time. With it, you not only improve your figure, but also improve your health.

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