Tips wise grandmothers for all occasions. Diseases and illnesses are now not afraid!

About the wisdom of our grandmothers, you can write a treatise. Just marvel dayus how cleverly they can cope with any illness and ailments. And all because in the bank from our grannies always have great recipes on the basis of national means tested more than one generation. Amazingly, as soon as they have in mind fits the information about how the product helps in one way or another pain. And they say, that memory fades with age ... Yes, knowledge of modern pharmacists and doctors even do not fall to the share of the volume of useful information, which has the older generation.

.cc has decided to share with you helpful advice of our grannies who are experts in traditional medicine. Incredibly, it's just a treasure chest - a storehouse of wisdom on all occasions. Motel to your mustache, granny not bad advice! Moreover, the poetic form helps to remember two accounts use different products at those or other illnesses.

Tips granny, for which you just say thank you:

Honey, lemon and garlic wheezing took to his heels.

Honey with carrots, sea buckthorn leg ulcer besiege famously.

Rheumatism sodium and gray radish juice Pocherney.

Drink water before meals - will be young for a long time.

The skin of hands will return former garlic juice and aloe.

A decoction of dried roots of watermelon will wash away your belly from colitis.

Malaria is not in sight, since sleeping in a heap of wormwood.

Tailor turpentine illness of legs without pain could roam.

Hepatitis deaths give the roots of rhubarb in the broth.

The older the little man, the more important it onions!

Vienna seen from inside - apple cider vinegar rub.

If there is a fungus in the feet - nosis on the grass in the meadows.

If scabies is not stained skin par in the water salty.

The infusion of fennel seeds at enuresis often Eats.

Aspen leaf attached - no iron oxides hydroxides hemorrhoids!

At the feet rub a lemon - the pain will not come inside.

Pharyngitis oppress plus lemon rose, honey and a dream.

Drink infusion of flowers of linden, mother and stepmother of the flu.

Vodka kidneys from birch destroy microbes with small doses.

Osteoarthritis and leg cramps fear felt boots,

mound in those boots peas go into them more and not Ojai!

Kohl seized abrasions - every day you eat onions to tears.

Beet juice drink more often, so as not to know the stomach stones.

Hiding the burn, which will be a feast for potato uniform.

Drink juice cough birch paired with milk without dose.

To fused fractures, eat shells to languor.

Poor sleep, pain in the head - eat two slices of cabbage.

Zaesh lunch a piece of cheese - in the teeth there is no place holes.

Propolis in alcohol together with honey will cure a sore throat for years.

Perhaps, I write yourself these tips and I will put them into practice if necessary. In our time, do not blindly believe in the power of expensive drugs pharmacy - as practice shows, they are not always effective. But traditional methods will not bring ever - so treated for centuries in our land. Save yourself bookmarks and do not forget to share my grandmother's wisdom with friends and acquaintances - they will be very grateful for that.

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