That's what happens to your body when it accumulates toxins ... the horrifying truth.

Toxins - quite a new word, but it is very popular. Despite the fact that this term is on everyone's lips, few know its exact definition. In general, toxins in people's minds - it is something quite abstract and does not concern them. You will be surprised, but the toxins are all around us! This toxin, which not only formed inside the organism, but also comes from the environment. Air, food and water are filled with toxins and when they accumulate in the body many people ill. If you delve into this issue, you can learn some amazing facts ...

Toxins have always existed, and for thousands of years living organisms have adapted to life in extreme conditions. The problem of the modern world that we are too much polluted environment, and that is why there were a new generation of toxins - xenobiotics
If you have a strong immune system and all body systems are working smoothly, toxins are eliminated without problems. A very large number of harmful substances out of the body through sweat, for example. But as soon as something comes where failure and toxins can not be displayed, the problem starts with health. Where thinly, there and tear - pernicious poisons accumulate in the most vulnerable areas, becoming a cause of even such a terrible illness like cancer.

In medicine, define 6 stages of slagging organism, the first three - not terrible, even with serious poisoning by toxins man himself is able to bring his body in order. To do this, just to cleanse the body, to hunger, to stop eating foods with preservatives and flavorings, or move to a clean area.

Toxins are everywhere, they are nowhere to hide! These harmful substances have filled our lives. But each of us can take care of your body, stop eating junk food. Bear in mind that health can not be bought for any money ... Remind your friends about it.

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