It is necessary to know! Factors that Deplete your body

The disease to be treated not five days before death, and five years before the disease. (Chinese proverb)

Our body is self-healing, self-developing, self-learning and very wise system. All this allows us, knowing certain principles and giving the body what it needs, even restore lost functions, not to mention the preservation of health and to maintain it at the proper level. DISRUPTIVE FACTORS 1.The violation of the energy exchange — a break in the chain of reactions that provide cells with energy. As a result, it loses energy potential and protection against adverse factors

2. Metabolic disorder — violation of the chemical reactions that occur in living organisms to maintain life. The metabolism leads to weakening of cells and the beginning of pathological processes.

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3. The lack of cell nourishment — low absorption or insufficient intake of micro - and macroelements, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids, necessary for normal functioning of organs and systems. The result is malnutrition of the cells become vulnerable and fail to fulfill their function, which is the beginning any disease.

Our food is becoming more and more refined, canned, flavored, so-called “improved”. But the body needs nutrients and building materials for life and of tissue regeneration, so many ways, food is not digested and cannot be withdrawn. This leads to excessive obesity, allergic and toxic reactions.

4. Dehydration Is a real problem currently, because no tea, no coffee, no fruit drinks, and especially carbonated drink is not water, we need our cells. the body has to break the bond to separate the water molecules. But that's not enough, because the cells can absorb only water with a certain acid-alkaline balance, surface tension, structure, redox potential.

To ensure optimal conditions to spend a huge amount of energy, and if not, the water stagnates in the intercellular space, forming a swelling, and the cells are dying, not being able to eat, to clean, to multiply, causing disease. The blood becomes thick, viscous, malacologia. In the end, aging is nothing like dehydration!

5.Unfavorable ecological situation. Polluted air and water, the over-saturation of electro-magnetic radiation, lead to the fact that the body gets a huge amount of toxic elements and free radicals that destroy the cells.

6. Free radical — unstable atoms and compounds with unpaired electrons. In an effort to gain the missing electron, they rip it from other molecules, acting as aggressive oxidants. So there is a destructive chain reaction of oxidative stress, which destroys living cells. Free radicals destroy anything that gets them "by hand": molecules, cells, shreds of DNA, causing cell mutation.

7.Toxins — the poison of biological origin (bacterial, plant or animal) which, acting at the cellular level, inhibits physiological function that leads to various diseases. Toxins accumulate not only in the intestine, as suggested by many! They accumulate in the tissues of liver, kidney, adipose tissue, blood, lymph, etc. That's not all! Over the years, the toxins from the tissues begin to penetrate into the cells, and this is the path to the destruction of the body, to serious irreversible diseases.

8. Inflammations — the pathological process that occurs in response to damage to cell structures in the body or under the action of pathogenic stimulus. The process manifests itself in the reactions directed on the removal of cell breakdown products and toxins.

9. Stresses — reaction to the extreme factor or a threatening situation, associated with the production of the hormone adrenaline. The main function of adrenaline is to mobilize forces of the body for survival. Stress has a negative effect on sensitive nerve tissue located in various organs and tissues, affecting and destroying them.

10. Sedentary lifestyle leads to the fact that the lymph flowing from the bottom to the top, can't move normally, because its movements provide muscle contraction. This means that the body salakavala, the toxins accumulate in the organs.

11. Pernicious habits, as wilful destruction of his body, his teamwork.

12. Hereditary factor. In fact, they occupy only 5% of the total list of causes of diseases.

Over the last hundred years has drastically changed the causes of death of people. If in the XIX — early XX century, people died, partly from injuries and epidemics, but mostly from old age (80-100 years), now mostly from chronic diseases (50-70 years).

How to minimize the destructive action of some of the above reasons.

Psychological condition has the greatest impact on health. Scientists and doctors already agree that 90% of diseases are psychosomatic in nature. The stresses arise from the rigid attitudes, ideals, ideas about how it should be, and the discrepancy between the life of these images.In cases of chronic resentment, anger, envy, and other dislike of one's neighbor and oneself, the person is constantly experiencing debilitating feelings and emotions.

And in the body in different psychological States, there are different biochemical processes, different absorbed nutrients. In a state of stress that the body perceives as a threat to the life, the digestion is generally temporarily disabled. So for good health it is necessary to seek harmony with the world and himself.

And for this it is first important to have a clear worldview, the spiritual Foundation, to know the laws according to which way our life, then it is important to deal with inadequate reactions when an emotional response is not comparable in intensity with the actually occurring event.

And while we are on the road to a harmonious inner state, it is necessary to pay great attention to physiological aspects.

Quality of bioenergy can be increased through certain systems which help to clear your energy, remove congestion and blocking, to replenish internal and external energy. Also improves the quality of energy, the contemplation of beauty, the Eastern system of holistic health, companionship, any joy in life.


Vermin. The best way to detect parasites in the body – bioresonance diagnostics. 80% of chronic disease is determined by many different viruses, bacteria, blood-sucking worms, fungi and others feed on our resources and poison us parasites. Of course to isolate themselves from the world inhabited by many living beings it is impossible, therefore it is recommended 2 times a year to clean the body full anti-parasitic program. Traditionally in every culture of the world was a means of protection (clean body) of parasites, creating unsuitable conditions for parasites.

This sharp condiments, spices, horseradish, mustard, garlic

parasitologie herbs — wormwood, tansy, celandine, etc.

It is important to restore normal digestion with plant enzymes and strengthen the immune system.

Poisoning medicines. Not to poison your body with chemicals in the case of diseases, you can use:

— recipes of traditional medicine

If you still for treatment you used drugs, you need to clean the body and restore intestinal flora.

Water. A day our body requires at least 1.5 liters of water, but not simple, and satisfies a number of conditions. It should be:

a) pure, at least filtered, with no additives of chlorine and heavy metal salts.

Purify water:

  • Filters
  • Silicon
  • Silver
  • Polysorbate
b) Structured, bearing positive messages about health and harmony. Look at the pictures how to adjust the water structure, carrier different information.

The structure of water helps to restore:

— Energy impact on water with prayers

— Adding to the water a small amount of Holy water

— The water was freezing

— Strukturator water


in a) the acid-alkaline balance of the water should be shifted to the alkaline side, because the main internal environment of the body (except for gastric juice, urine and mucous surfaces) are of alkaline nature with a pH of 7.43, while blood pH 7.1 death! But for example, Coca-Cola. has pH = 3!

Sweet, canned, refined products, excessive meat, smoked products much acidification of the body. Restoring the normal pH for life, he is forced to saturate the blood, alkaline minerals like calcium from bones, hair, nails, teeth, sodium from the kidneys, magnesium from blood vessels, potassium from the heart muscle, thereby greatly weakening them.

d) the Surface tension of water in order to seep in the cage should be no higher than 43 Dean, and the water from the tap, even bottled has 50-70 Dean, but alcohol is only 20, so he easily and quickly absorbed into the blood!


Reduces the surface tension:

  • in melted water,
  • water transfused 40 times
d) Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) water is the free electrons that contribute to the protection of cell membranes and intracellular energy and information exchange. ORP of the water from the tap = +60 and above, this means that it is not only no free electrons, but rather she already carries the body free radicals.

Quality food.

By and large the body does not need chicken, potatoes, butter, onion, and amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, polyunsaturated fatty acids, i.e. the building blocks for cells.

Food is broken down and is converted by enzymes. Currently, enzymes are becoming less because it is bad and overload works the pancreas, the food is subjected to long culinary processing, refining, conservation, and the enzymes are blocked.

  • Sources of enzymes:
  • Food without cooking
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Honey
  • Herbal tea
Own saliva to get these enzymes to work, you need to only eat when I want, because appetite is a sign of readiness of the body to digest food and thoroughly chew it.

It is not desirable to take animals enzymes type "Help", because in this case the body stops production of its own, and the plant on the contrary stimulate this process.published 



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©





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