6 essential techniques that will help you instantly focus.

You, too, sometimes it happens: you can not focus on a certain reality and constantly distracted? This greatly exasperated, because the productivity is reduced to zero. Segodnyapodgotovil for you 6 ways to help you quickly focus and return to the task.

Proper Breathing
There is a good technique called "Breath of the square." To use it, you need to find any rectangular or square object nearby. Let it be paper, or a door, or a mirror. So, now you need to do this. Look in the upper left corner and make breath. Hold your breath for four seconds. Next, move the view of the upper right corner and exhale. Now Inhale and glancing at the lower right corner. Hold your breath for four seconds. And exhale glancing at the lower left corner. Repeat this method until you realize that you are totally focused.

Minute Meditation
Best practices for the conservation of concentration - they are very simple. As a rule, they simply return people to a state of awareness. Another simple way: to find some quiet place to sit on a chair and imagine yourself by the sea. To do this, do not even have to close your eyes. Just imagine how the surf caressing your ears and how near the sea roar. Try not to let other thoughts in your brain. You can use a special relaxing music for meditation.

Turn off sight
One source of tension for us - this is what life is moving very fast, and sometimes we just do not have time for it. To relax, enough at least five minutes to "turn off" the eye. Just close them and turn off the lights, close the blinds and to encourage a little bit in this state. You feel like you become more relaxed.

Do not be multitasking
Very often, we try to manage everything at once, but of course we did not get anything. Scientists have proven that multitasking - is a myth. Our brains are not able to handle multiple tasks at once, while maintaining the quality of the "treatment." That is to say, you can, of course, ironed shirt and talking on the phone. Probably shirt not much affected by this. But at the same time to do a financial report on the computer and to conduct business correspondence with your smartphone - it is unlikely. So the fastest way to get things done - to do them consistently.

Learn to control your emotions
There is the concept of "optimal concentration zone". In order to be in this area, we must be able to control their emotions. Emotional intelligence - the ability to understand their feelings and, as far as possible, control them for their own benefit. For example, anxiety can seriously damage productivity. A person who is experiencing some strong positive or negative feelings, very rarely can be in optimum concentration. Usually people do not try to control their emotions because they think it's impossible. By and large it is. However, feelings can be controlled indirectly. You can not change the emotions themselves, but you are able to change the thinking, and it will affect the perception.

Ask yourself, «What I'm not doing?» em>
The human brain is like a computer. If it opened some important applications and programs, they can slow down the work with the main application. There's a good question, which will help to prioritize. Ask yourself: «What I'm not doing?» Em> to answer this question, you will understand, on what you focus better now. This tactic will help you understand what's really important to you and what to pay attention in the first place.

These 6 effective tips will help you improve your concentration and productivity of labor. You'll be able to perform the task set before you is much faster and better. Use these techniques and share them with your friends!

Based on the book "The maximum concentration»

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