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Before leaving on vacation, you should remember that sometimes there are unforeseen situations. Some of them may require medical attention. In most cases, people can help themselves, and sometimes should urgently call a doctor. But even expecting it, you need to first aid techniques. To do this, the existing road and first aid kits. Their contents, if necessary, can help a person, and even save lives. Supply of drugs from the most common problems that can happen to the sea!

What to remember:

Take it with a proven, prescription drugs that you're always you use, or those who do not have severe side effects.

Do not store strong medicines without a prescription.

Do not get carried away with self-treatment. If slight discomfort persists for days, contact your doctor.

Carefully pick up medications, check the integrity of their packaging and shelf life.

To find the road first aid kit handy and reliable container.

Be sure to inventory the contents of the kits.

So, first aid kit for a holiday at sea must contain:

1. If you have a chronic illness, you need to take pills prescribed by your doctor.

2. From the bruises, wounds and cuts need to have a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, a marker with brilliant green, sterile bandages, patches of different shapes and sizes, packaging cotton swabs.

3. From motion sickness can take a pill or mint "meklozin" ("Bonin"), "Aeron", "Air-sea" choice.

4. Relax on the beach is rarely complete without sunburn. Inventories lotion, cream or oil for safe tanning. Just in case of capture, and remedies that will remove the pain and burning sensation when you obgorite. For example, you can take the "Panthenol". Also suitable "Pantestin." Ointment improves tissue regeneration and has antimicrobial activity.

5. From insect bites, you can take the "Psili Balm" or "Fenistil gelĀ».

6. cold remedies. "Nurofen" "Paracetamol" or "Panadol" suitable for removing heat. You must also take with antiviral drugs, pills for a sore throat, nasal drops and electronic thermometer.

7. Allergy - a disease that can cause anything: from an unfamiliar household chemicals, local dishes to exotic plants. You can stop the choice on one of the two drugs, "Suprastin" or "LoratadineĀ».

8. Many of the sea like a full break and allow yourself to drink too much. For such a case take the remedy for a hangover: "Zoreks" "Alka-prime", "Zenalk" to choose from.

9. From gastrointestinal disorders - can stop the election on the drug "Enterosgel". He has excellent absorbent and detoxifying properties.

Assemble a first aid kit just in case. We wish to vacation was easy and trouble and you brought home remedy intact!

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