First aid for jellyfish stings. It is worth reading for anyone going to the sea!

Summer - a magical time to which it would be desirable to hold a benefit not only for the soul, but also for the body. Some prefer an active vacation, the other - passive. Someone gets a buzz from growing their own crops in the country, and someone Give chair and sunscreen. If you were going to go to sea with family or friends, ask not whether found in nëm jellyfish. The information in this article can help you, or your friends at a difficult moment, so read carefully! Jellyfish stings - it is unpleasant, but not fatal. Guided by our advice, you will be safe.
How they sting?

Medusa burns skin with stinging cells, which covered her tentacle. These cells were injected poison into the body, causing severe pain and a burning sensation.

Symptoms burn jellyfish:

severe pain; redness and blisters; weakness; intestinal disorders; bronchospasm < / pain in muscles and joints. Occasional symptoms:

a sharp pain in the lower back and joints; constrained breathing; dry indomitable cough; nausea; excessive thirst; numbness in hands and feet; a state of extreme nervous excitement (sometimes, on the contrary, depression); nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, itching all body; In severe cases - paralysis. first aid:

1. Immediately come out of the water onto the shore. Take away the remains of jellyfish from the affected area of ​​the skin, but in no case do not do it hands - make better use of the dull side of the knife. , Rinse the affected area with fresh water, but again, nothing rubs neither hand, no towel, no sand.

2. Lie down in the shade and your movement, so as not to increase the pain. If there is a hotel or stalls - they take the ice and attach to the sore spot, after wrapping it in cellophane and a towel. By the way, the Australian rescue services are just that way as a first aid for victims.

3. If you made sure to take the medication at sea - it's time to use the "Tavegilom" or "suprastin».

4. Excessive drinking mineral water and juice helps reduce the concentration of the poison in the body and the rapid removal of toxins. Hence the phrase "I am ready to drink the sea" should be your motto for the next few days.

5. Do not forget to ask for help from qualified experts and to apply to the medical institution.

3 Things to Avoid:

NOT sit in the heat; NOT rubs the burn fingers or sand. We hope that your holidays are not marred by unpleasant encounters with jellyfish, and you bring in from the sea only souvenirs, even bronze tan and good memories. Be sure to share this article with your friends. Surely some of them are going to the seaside. Forewarned - is forearmed! Via takprosto cc ul>


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