How to eat in the summer heat: 7 foods to which you should pay attention.

In the summer heat, we all try to drink lots of water, and rightly so. When the outside temperature rises above 30 ° C, did not want anything except drinking. But absolutely refuse to eat is still not worth it. There are certain foods that help not only refreshing but also improve the work of the body in hot weather.

1. Cucumber
Fresh cucumbers - the best years of the product. They consist almost entirely of water, and also rich in calcium, vitamin C and minerals. The heat eat them without salt, since it retains body fluid. Because of what and there are swelling.

2. Celery
Celery is another record for the content of water which washes away from the body almost all harmful substances. It slows aging, improves digestion, calms the nervous system and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular.

3. Kiwi
Kiwi contains vitamin C in large amounts. In this fruit calcium is present, which prevents dehydration. Another Kiwi regulates heart rate and blood pressure.

4. Raspberry
Fresh raspberries perfectly quenches thirst and improves digestion. It also clears the body of toxins. Due to the high copper content, this berry helps fight headaches, bad moods and irritability.

5. Fresh herbs
Try to eat more greens in the summer: dill, parsley, onions, spinach, lettuce. Spinach, by the way, is in first place among the vegetables and fruit water content.

6. Watermelon
Better product than a cool watermelon, summer is not found. It quenches thirst and nourishes the body. The use of its pulp stimulates the digestive and metabolic processes.

7. Black currant
Black currant - a storehouse of minerals and vitamins. It is used as a tonic, blood-purifying, hematopoietic, vasodilator, diuretic and anti-microbial. And, of course, as one of the best fruit from the summer heat.

Eat these foods in the summer, and it will be easier to transfer heat. Share with your friends this useful information!

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