Fashioned refrigerator that works without electricity. An amazing invention!

In the heat of summer products quickly heat up and deteriorate. It sounds like a fairy tale, but you can do with your hands refrigerator that works without electricity! We need the most simple things, and just 5 minutes' time, and the longer you can keep the products in nature or cool drinks in hot weather, when the conventional refrigerator is not around. This wonderful little holodilnichek will always be at hand, it is useful even in the presence of a conventional refrigerator in the house. Remember this simple instruction and Try it in practice: not only useful, but also very exciting!

You will need:

  • 2 flower pots of different sizes;
  • sand;
  • cold water;
  • cover. 1. Glue the smaller pot inside a large.

    2. emptying sand in the space between the pots.

    3. Sand will keep the temperature inside the pot at the same level on the principle of the thermos.

    4. Pour the sand cold water from the hose, better - icy. Water from a well fit great, but you can use plain water from the tap.

    5. Be sure to shut your small refrigerator cover, only then it will work. As protection from the sun, you can use a white towel.

    6. Within 15 minutes, the result is noticeable. 12 degrees! You can successfully cool drinks.

    7. If you continue to add in the sand cold water, you will be able to maintain a low temperature inside a small refrigerator for a long time! And over time, it will fall and will be able to achieve as a result of even 5 degrees.

    Done! So elementary and useful construction must still search! Watch the video about how to make a compact refrigerator. This idea will gain you more than once!

    Yes this is the real magic of summer ... For better idea you can imagine. Show your friends, using a contraption you can enjoy cold drinks without problems. Do not forget to send all cottagers!

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