These 4 exercises will make your life brighter and richer!

When there is love, trust and respect for your partner - Communication can be considered strong. However, it is the intimate side of the relationship brings paint and makes intimacy between people is truly a multifaceted phenomenon and surprising. Life is not to be underestimated, on the contrary, we must try as much as possible to make it diverse, vibrant and rich. This can be achieved not only with a regular partner, but also increasing your libido special exercises.

It is known that women's sexual activity may be affected by many factors: pregnancy, childbirth, fatigue, feelings ... We offer to your attention 4 exercises that will help to increase the sensitivity and make your intimate life brighter!

1. Planck

Planck is considered one of the best exercises to enhance libido. With the right approach, involving not only the muscles of the spine and shoulder girdle, and pelvis. Just a few minutes to perform the hands or arms, and the result will exceed all your expectations!

2. Bridge

If you can not make a bridge from a standing position, try to knees or lying position. Arch arc body and feel how it is filled with energy and vitality. After these exercises you will not know itself!

3. Squats

Squatting is as simple as it is effective. While each approach try impacting glutes. Do 50 repetitions each day - you will feel not only increase libido, but also deal with the problem of excess weight (if you have it).

4. Kegel exercises

The essence of Kegel exercises is to greatly compress the pelvic floor muscles that support the internal organs (uterus, bladder, rectum) to anatomically correct position. Do several of these approaches on a daily basis, increasing the duration of the squeeze - and you as a mistress will not be equal. This exercise is ideal in that it can be done sitting, lying down, standing, at home and even in the most crowded public place - your intimate charging no one will notice!

These simple exercises take just 10-12 minutes a day, but they run regularly will diversify your life, make it brighter and more fulfilling. Share this article with your friends, and you will certainly be something to discuss on the weekends!

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