Stereo for the exercise of: a great way to spend free time to good use.

Looking at stereokartinok - an excellent lesson for training the eye. That is why they are used to print on the back covers of notebooks. Unfortunately, not everyone can see hidden 3D-image. How does it look right? Otodvinu stereogram about 30 centimeters, the head and the picture should be placed on the same level. Now, try to relax your eyes and look through the picture, while imagining that it is transparent. Try to hold the gaze unfocused, distracted and not blinking. Someone grabs a few seconds, someone is looking for a moment to see the three-dimensional image. If you exercise regularly, then eventually you will succeed, and the picture will be clearer. It is said that only 1% of people do not see a hidden picture.

This is a great exercise for the eyes, as well as an interesting pastime. Share with your friends these Stereo, let them distracted from their daily chores and work out the vision!

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