Ice Cream "minutes". Natural, useful, very tasty and quick to prepare!

Summer sometimes is so hot that it would be desirable not just add an ice cube in a drink, and to get into the freezer and cool! On the salad with mayonnaise and hot borsch do not even want to remember ... Of course, because the summer we associate it with ice cream! And with fruits and berries, which are so useful. And, if these ingredients to try to make an ice cream? As easy as pie! Ice Cream "Minute" - a delicious, natural and healthy response to the hot summer days!


bananas; strawberries (or any of your favorite berries); kiwi; low-fat yogurt.

1 cooking method:

We will cut fruits and put them in containers or glasses, which will be ice cream. Top zaley yogurt.

2 cooking method:

Mix yogurt with fruit and then poured into molds. Put in the freezer for 3 hours and enjoy this vitamin cream!

As they say, vsë brilliant - easy! Try to prepare yourself and be sure to share this simple recipe for ice cream with your friends. Incidentally, it may be given even for children. Only natural ingredients and no chemicals!

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