9 original ideas for the use of forms of ice. There is no limit of the human imagination!

Most of us are accustomed to using molds for ice only for its intended purpose: to pour them in clean water and place in the refrigerator until completely frozen. However, there are those who do not use ice to cool drinks, but not in a hurry to throw away tins. And rightly so! Now we will tell you about how to use the 9 forms of ice that you will certainly appreciate!

Homemade desserts, too, can be stored in batches.

3. "Vegetarian cubes" cocktail - a great idea for lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Just freeze fresh favorite!

4. Now Earrings are always stored in a pair!

5. Surprise guests by adding them to a real rainbow cocktail! Freeze fruit juice layers and enjoy not only the saturated color, but also the scent.

6. Freeze the remains of coffee, and you will not have to dilute the drink or a long wait until it cools down.

7. You can mix watercolors. Little artists will certainly appreciate!

8. The house pickiest eater? Suggest baby vegetables several options to choose from, it is certainly an unusual way to appreciate such a submission!

9. Is your favorite homemade sauces? Many celebrity chef restaurants they are frozen, allowing you to spend a minimum of cooking time!

It is enough to show a little imagination, and the shape of the ice can take pride of place not only in the freezer, but also in the bedroom or in the bathroom. Take these tips to your note and be sure to tell them to friends!

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