10 life hacking for your health that may seem extravagant. But they work!

When health is not formed, all the rest, too, no joy. Sometimes the problem is not present, there is a bad symptom that interferes feel good. For example, pain in the throat, not sharp, but obsession. Or recurrent headache - from lack of sleep and fatigue. We suggest you familiarize yourself with these entertaining life hacking, to help you quickly learn to change their condition better. Some facts cause quite a surprise!

1. Toothbrush against black dots on the face
Use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste, you can make an easy cleaning of the face to get rid of blackheads. Just pomassazhiruy brush with a small amount of paste in problem areas. Best pasta for this method - with herbs: sage, chamomile, nettle.

2. A simple way to treat migraine
If it is very bad headache and no drugs on hand, take advantage of the ice and hot water. Put your feet in a basin of hot water and apply ice to the head. The temperature difference will adjust the pressure in the body, helps improve blood circulation, relieve pain.

3. Against nasal congestion
Click tongue on the palate, with the finger pressed on the point between the eyebrows. After repeating this action several times, you will feel as breathing becomes much easier.

4. What to do with tired legs
Tired, swollen feet - not uncommon in hot weather. To relieve fatigue and reduce swelling, do yourself a massage bottle with ice cold water! Just put a small bottle of water at the foot and rolled her careful movements. The cold facilitates immediately ...

5. How to remove a toothache
Prefer analgin aspirin - to relieve toothache aspirin need larger quantity.

6. As it is easier to quit smoking

7. How to pull a splinter
Especially useful to know that parents of young children. Apply to the place where stuck a splinter or thorn, a mixture of baking soda and water. You can seal the wound on top of plaster. After some time, the splinter will be very easy to get!

8. If you have a sore throat, eat marshmallows
Marshmallow soothes the throat as well as marmalade. Eat these two products when irritated throat - pain immediately become weaker, it will be easier to swallow.

9. When tickle the throat
If sore throat scratched and massage your ears. Nerve endings located on the earlobes, can help relieve spasms in the throat.

10. If the shoes are too tight and rubs
Dampen a towel in vinegar, wrap tightly in his shoes and leave them so at night. The result will be noticeable!

I especially liked the advice about tired legs. I would like to add that you should always choose the right shoes, the right leg, which is not too tight, not rubbing, and has a comfortable shoe - this is important in order to avoid unnecessary load on the spine. Use of health and life hacking these advise them to check their loved ones.

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