Forgotten wonderful tool for cleaning kitchen utensils from grease and dirt.

The modern culture of consumption of spoiled us a huge range of all kinds of cleaning products and cleaning. We just go to the store and choose the necessary means to us, which is often not worth a penny. But our mothers and grandmothers knew very cheap means of which did not have to run to the store. After all, who does not have the usual house baking soda and hydrogen peroxide? prepared for you a recipe elementary cleaners, household utensils, which make clean your dishes shine!

So, you already know that you need only two simple ingredients - baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mound in a glass bowl a quarter cup of baking soda and zaley it so many peroxide with stirring to form a thick paste. Surfaces that you're going to be free of dirt and grease, it is necessary to rub with the mixture and leave for a few minutes, wipe with a clean cloth and rinse with water.

Try to clean the pots and pans that means. The result will surprise you greatly, and because who would have thought that such a potent tool can be so cheap!

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