5 gourmet salads, which will decorate your holiday table, and add variety to the menu!

Salad and vinaigrette pall many a long time ago, but still we have them always ready for the holidays. Today, I invite you to add variety to your diet and take note 5 original salads, which are ideal for any holiday table. These easy-to-prepare dishes will amaze you and your guests with its exquisite taste and a wonderful combination of ingredients!

Lyons salad

10 quail eggs; 10 cherry tomatoes; 300 g mushrooms; 1 bunch green onions; 250 grams of salad; a few sprigs of dill and parsley; 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil for frying.
100 g mayonnaise; 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice; 1/2 Art. l. Provencal herbs; salt and pepper - to taste.
1. Quail eggs cook in boiling water for 5 minutes, cool and clean.

2. Wash vegetables and herbs under running water. Cherry tomatoes and cut the eggs in half. Tear lettuce hands, and chop the onions and greens.

3. wash mushrooms, we shall cut into thin slices and fry until golden brown. Pass on a paper towel to absorb excess fat, cool.

4. For the filling mix the mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, pepper and Provencal herbs. Mix up.

5. All the ingredients combine in a large salad bowl and field dressing.

Greek salad


3-4 tomatoes; 2 cucumbers; 1 red pepper; 1 red onion; 1-2 cloves of garlic; 200 g feta cheese; 100 g olives or olives; 2-3 Art. l. olive oil; 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice.
1. Cucumbers we shall cut into large cubes. Sweet pepper clean from seeds and we shall cut cubes. Tomatoes we shall cut into cubes with a sharp knife.

2. Red Onion cleaned from the husk, we shall cut thin half-rings. Mix in a salad bowl all the vegetables, sprinkle crumbled cheese and black olives. For the dressing of olive oil mixed with lemon juice and crushed garlic, season with salad.

Cobb salad


1/2 romaine lettuce; 1/2 Boston lettuce; 1/2 bundle of watercress; 6 slices of bacon; 2 avocados; 1 chicken; 1 tomato; 2 eggs; 2 tbsp. l. chopped onion.
1/3 cup red wine vinegar; 1 tbsp. l. Dijon mustard; 1-2 h. liter. sugar; 2/3 Art. olive oil; 1/2 cup grated Roquefort cheese; salt and pepper - to taste.
1. Bacon cook on a dry frying pan until golden brown. Then put on a paper towel to absorb excess fat. Grind the cooled bacon.

2. All kinds of lettuce Tear hands, then mix in a large bowl. Avocado cleanse, remove the pit, and we will cut the flesh into small cubes. Chicken broth fry, rarely middle-sized pieces. Tomato we shall cut cubes. Boil eggs, cool and chop. Roquefort grate.

3. Place all the ingredients on a large platter: beautifully laid out a chicken, bacon, tomato and avocado on a salad mix, sprinkle diced eggs and green onions. Mix all ingredients for the filling and the lettuce fields.

Caesar salad with shrimp


1 romaine lettuce; 1 handful of cherry tomatoes; 2 tbsp. l. grated Parmesan cheese; 10-12 shrimps; 1/2 baguette; 1 clove garlic; salt, ground pepper - to taste.
1 egg yolk; juice quartered lemon; 50 ml olive oil; 1 clove garlic; 3-4 anchovy fillets; salt and pepper - to taste.
1. Sodium clove of garlic on a small grater and divide into two equal parts. Cleanse shrimp, mix of olive oil and half the garlic, salt and pepper, shrimp zaley this mixture.

2. Frames shall cut into cubes and dry in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees. Preheat a frying pan a little olive oil, warm it in the second half of the garlic and fry the garlic butter croutons. Seasoning them with salt and pepper and take off the pan from the heat.

3. Now prepare filling. Crush or re grate a clove of garlic and rub (or fork in a mortar) anchovy fillets into a homogeneous paste. Vzbey yolks with the lemon juice and season with salt and pepper and add a little olive oil and continue whisking, cook the sauce like mayonnaise. At the end, add the sauce garlic and anchovies: finished dressing should get a slightly acidic and spicy.

4. Heat the frying pan and quickly fry the shrimp in the oil in which they were marinated. Mix in a bowl of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and croutons, season the sauce, stir well, and passed on to the plate. The fried shrimp and top with lettuce, if desired, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.

Salad Language


300 g boiled tongue; 10 quail eggs; 10 cherry tomatoes; 1 bunch arugula; 150 g homemade mayonnaise; salt and pepper - to taste.
1. Prepare homemade mayonnaise.

2. Quail eggs in a decoction for 5 minutes, cool and clean. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Tear arugula hands. Language boil in salted water, cool and shall cut thin cubes.

3. Mix all the ingredients of lettuce, mayonnaise and sprinkle fields pepper. Laid out on a la carte salad plates.

The next holiday try to cook one of these salads to impress everyone with his culinary skills. And please tell your friends about these wonderful recipes!

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