7 interesting tricks for fruits and berries, which you probably did not know!

It's great that many of your favorite fruits such as bananas and oranges, are available year round. In the summer they can be added to desserts or pastries, and in the winter to enjoy at least a minimum set of vitamins, which are in the "icy time" is not enough. A man cleaning an orange and do not dirty your hands juice seems a real magician. And in most season cherries when you need to make conservation of the winter, remove the bone from the bucket of delicious berries seems an impossible task! We offer to your attention the 7 useful tricks that can be useful at any time of the year!

1. Apples

Few cuts a slice of apple, cut it across, not along. However, if do so, it is possible to protect the fruit from oxidation. Scrapie halves apple gum - and it will keep longer fresh.


2. Strawberry

Strawberries pinned on a cocktail stick on a skewer, you can easily and quickly clean it from the "tail." Suitable for those who will not do a berry, and is going to clean them much more, such as a cocktail.


3. Kiwi

Cut the ends of the kiwi, and then moved, under the skin of a teaspoon. The pulp is extracted very quickly!


4. Banana

Unfortunately, bananas tend to spoil quickly. To delay this point, try to tie up the stalk plastic bag. Really helps!


5. Orange

It turns out that there is nothing easier than to clear orange. Cut off the top and bottom of the fruit, put a knife to the white middle nadrezh downwards. Now cutting orange, and all segments will be in full view!


6. Cherries

Take a tip for confectionery products, remove the stalk of a sharp edge nozzle and push it back as shown in the figure. Also you can use a paper clip.


7. Mango

Cut mango pulp is not difficult, if used for this purpose conventional glass beaker. Push down on the flesh - and you're done!


If you love fruits and berries, these tricks you will enjoy for sure! Share this article with your friends! Vitamins are useful at any time of the year!

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