Cottage cheese and chocolate cake - a delicacy that will surprise you with his delicate flavor.

Despite the fact that humanity uses cocoa beans for thousands of years, people have guessed from the oven cakes this product only in the XIX century. First it was the product resembling cake "Prague", and then there were the famous "Sacher" (with a layer of apricot jam between shortcakes and whipped cream), "Esterhazy" (with almonds) and "Black Forest" (with whipped cream and cherries). Today, the recipe recommends that you not less than subtle delicacy - chocolate cake with a tender curd.


400 g flour (base); 250 g butter (base); 4 tbsp. l. cocoa powder (base); 100 g + 150 g sugar (base + filling); 600 g cottage cheese (filling); 4-5 eggs (filling); 200 ml cream (filling); 2 tbsp. l. starch (stuffing); 1 h. liter. vanillin (stuffing). Preparation:

1. Let's start with the preparation of foundations for the future of the pie. First, you need to pound soft butter with sugar.

2. Next, add to the resulting mass of cocoa, flour and grind all the ingredients thoroughly.

3. Take the form in which you will bake a cake, and it smazh butter or oil.

4. In the form laid out half the flour crumbs.

5. Now it's time to prepare a mincemeat. For this vzbey in a blender all the ingredients for the filling. You should get a smooth mass without lumps.

6. Over the flour chips laid out in the form of curd and smooth.

7. stuffing laid out the remaining flour crumbs and put the cake in a preheated 170 degree oven for 1 hour.

8. After an hour Get cake from the oven and let it cool. Only then can you remove it from the mold.

This dessert can be prepared quickly, with minimum ingredients in the refrigerator. Keep this recipe in case you want something well, very tasty!

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