Turn everyday vegetable in a festive meal. A simple recipe eggplant with tomatoes and cheese.

Eggplant - is not only useful vegetable, but also very tasty. It is a great independent dish, and a wonderful addition to any dishes. .cc has prepared for you a delicious recipe that will appeal even to those who does not like eggplant. Many people who have tried this yummy, now always cook it. Join!

You will need: em>

600 g eggplant; 400 g tomatoes; 150 g of hard cheese; 3-4 tooth. garlic; salt and pepper. Cooking: em>
1. we will cut the eggplant into slices. 1 cm thickness is desirable.

2. Add a little salt. Leave for half an hour. Rinse the chopped vegetables in cold water. This is done to not bitter eggplant.

3. we will cut the tomatoes into slices.

4. we shall cut finely garlic, or pass it through the press.

5. Sodium cheese on a fine grater.

6. Put in a baking dish eggplant.

7. Lay a little grated garlic. You can rub each slice of eggplant for them to taste.

8. Put the tomatoes on top. Salt and pepper.

9. sprinkling cheese and place in oven.

10. Bake for 30-35 minutes at a temperature of 170-180 ° C.

When the dish is ready, sprinkle it with green (parsley, cilantro, dill). The dish turns out simply stunning. Away from it is very difficult.

Take adopted this recipe and do not forget to share it with your friends.

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