His dog had to die, but the boy's reaction to such an event surprised everyone.

Dogs - are not just animals. They are the most trusted companions, any man could wish for. They - family members who selflessly love their owners and demand nothing in return. No one had taught them that they are and have.

A veterinarian has witnessed an unusual event when he was visited by a six-year boy and his four-legged friend. The dog was terminally ill. The reaction of the boy was so striking that the doctor published it on the Internet.

I work in a veterinary clinic. I once examined a decade the Irish wolfhound, who responded to the nickname Belker. A family that was living a dog - Ron, his wife Lisa, and their little boy Shane - all doted in Belker and hoped for a miracle. I>

I examined the dog and realized that he was going to die of cancer. I told the family that we are no longer able to do anything to save Belker, and offered to euthanize the dog in their home. I>

We're prepared, Ron and Lisa told that their six year old son would be better if he would attend. They had a feeling that Shane might learn something, it's gone through. The next day, when the whole family gathered around Belker, I had the feeling as if a lump stuck in my throat. When Shane stroked his old dog for the last time, he looked so calm that I wondered, as if he understood at all what's going on. A few minutes later Belker calmly asleep. It seemed that the boy took the death of his four-footed friend. We sat for a little more together, and talked about why animals live fewer people. I>

Shane, who sat and listened in silence, quietly said, "I know why». i>

We looked at him in surprise. What he said then, deeply impressed me. I have never heard such a comforting explanation. He said: "After birth, people should learn how to live with dignity, for example, to love others and be polite, do not you?» I>

The boy continued: "The dogs already know how to do it, so their life is shorter». i>

There is nothing more beautiful than the devotion and love of dogs, and the boy knew it. I hope I remember his words when my dog ​​died. This will help me cope with the loss.

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