Incredibly cute Japanese cuisine. Impossible to resist!

Well, the inventors of these Japanese cook. Creating masterpieces in the kitchen, they inspire the world to repeat their feat. And wherever they fancy is taken?

Of course, we can say that the preparation of such a nice meal - a great way to get the child to eat. But honestly, I would have jumped for joy if the waiter brought me no ordinary sushi and such wonderful crafts. Needless to say - real skill!

Pandochki sauce

Cat catches a fish in the soup

Sushi Panda

Zephyr coffee

Sushi Penguins

The Sleeping Bear rice

Snowmen in gravy

Sleeping Cats egg

Chewbacca pasta ​​b>

Polar Bear in gravy



Now I will be a little good food. An important role is also played and originality, which made the dish. And what about your friends? They would also not averse to try such vkusnyashek. Gone with them this post and go to the nearest sushi bar!


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